Essential Actions for Your Joomla Website

If you are a Joomla developer, then you realise that clients have various requirements and it is necessary to Joomla-developmentmeet them in order to keep them happy and content. Customers return to avail your services only when you prioritise their needs and create their choice of website in the least possible time and charge the least rates.

Front-end edit options

If you are in the process of making a simple and easy website, there is no point in integrating a large number of Joomla features since no one will be interested. You simply need to implement front-end editing in their template and then hand over the site.

Joomla compatibility

It is true that Joomla is able to run on any sort of web host that possesses MySQL and PHP installed on it and so it is easy to make the mistake of installing Joomla on the client’s site without checking beforehand whether or not the server supports Joomla or not. There are lots of company policies that prevent specific resource-heavy scripts, such as Joomla. There is a possibility that even though the site will work just fine initially, the client might receive an email from the hosting company later stating that their account has been disabled owing to a violation of the terms. In order resolve this problem, simply login into the site of the web host and open a support ticket asking whether or not it will be possible to install Joomla on the site. These questions are usually answered in a couple of minutes.

Application of security patches

You have to take responsibility for installing security patches for the Joomla platform on the client’s website. You can charge extra for this. For this purpose, you need to maintain a record of all the sites that have been installed along with their FTP and admin details. Whenever a new patch becomes available, you should install it immediately on the sites. Once the installation process is complete, it is simply a matter of telling the client that their site has been updated to the latest version of Joomla to afford protection from hackers and prevent data theft.

How to Create a Great Website Using the Features Offered by Joomla

If you wish to create a component structured site, then Joomla is your best bet since it is not only easy to Joomla-Extensionsuse but it can even be used by people who have no experience whatsoever with HTML and allow them to adopt the role of webmasters. It is important to form a website and for that reason, you should definitely have a domain name and also a hosting provider. When you use Joomla, then you need to understand that the components offered by the platform are an essential part of the overall experience. These components are powerful tools which provide the owners of the website with a lot of additional control.

Nature of content

One of the best aspects of the Joomla extensions is the fact that it allows users who are regular people without any extensive HTML training and administrator privileges to post articles that they think are a good fit for their website. The component gives people the chance to be grouped into one of four separate categories such as editors, authors, managers and publishers. Every category provides you with a certain amount of power over the articles and how you can exert your control over them. This is a fine feature if you have a news website which works through the contribution of multiple writers.

Exercising the power of web links

Web links are an important and indispensable component of the Joomla platform which can be used for the purpose of creating a wide range of links. The links may be organized into different categories and every link is required to be grouped into one of those categories. Users may include internal as well as external links, sponsor links, blog rolls and anything else that you desire. You may allow non-administrators to submit links to the website in the form of authors, editors and publishers and this is a great option. Not only does it allow a website administrator to assign vital tasks but it also provides administrator privileges to be restricted unless you want it to be given to the user.

Employing a News Feed

A News Feed is an essential component for Joomla to unleash its full power and realise its full potential. In case a website does not appear to be too vibrant, it might run the risk of losing a lot of visitors and that is something you cannot afford to do. People always want to visit websites that are rich in content and this sort of content needs to be updated on a regular basis. Otherwise, there is a chance that the site might appear to be abandoned and might not remain relevant for a long time. News Feed gives you the opportunity to permit the input of a URL feed or an RSS. There are no restrictions or limits when it comes to a News Feed and you can even include tweets to make your website even more relevant and in real time, no less.


Every business website needs to have a Contact component and the Joomla website is no different. When you add a Contact component, it provides clients with the opportunity to communicate with a certain business. This is quite the rich tool that provides you with plenty of options, including images, emails, addresses, among others. However, it is possible for the user to choose any one of these options and every contact may be placed into a specific category which offers additional options for the management of the content in a distinct manner.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Professional Joomla Team

Joomla experts are not exactly available a dime-a-dozen in the industry but if you wish to hire a professional team of Joomla developers, then you will be able to find it easily. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider carefully before you think about finalizing a firm for all your Joomla platform needs.

Why should you pick Joomla?

home_teamJoomla is one of the easiest and most popular content management systems in the industry at present and it is used extensively due to the simple fact that it permits various companies to get in touch with the masses throughout the world, owing to the power of innovative applications and designs. This CMS contains a host of welcome features that are constantly updated and therefore, provide it with the power to handle various elements of the Internet. For example, it becomes possible for you to create photo galleries, newspapers, custom calendars, events, forums, reviews, catalogues and much more with the power of Joomla at your fingertips. Owing to its simplicity, power, flexibility, elegance and finally, its highly customizable properties, Joomla has slowly become one of the most preferred systems for the creation of websites, government interfaces, complicated ecommerce portals, job portals and organizational websites.

Use of Joomla in Corporate Applications

There are several companies that prefer to employ Joomla software with the intention of running various sorts of corporate applications and then upgrading their systems alongside their increasing needs and requirements. In case you are unable to run your system on your own and require help, it is recommended that you hire professionals instead of amateurs who possess the necessary expertise with various aspects of web development. When picking out the right development team and finalizing a deal with them over Joomla CMS, it is necessary for you to ensure that the experts are in a position to write content that is both effective and hard-hitting and at the same time can capture the attention of the visitors to your website. The professionals you choose should also be able to employ numerous images and graphics and update different products with the purpose of attracting new and prospective clients. Nowadays, it is common for experienced and veteran outsourcing companies to serve as a mediator between the masses and technology in order to facilitate the interaction between them. It is ideal that a good open source development firm should be fully focused on their work and must be capable of offering solutions as per the needs of your business.

Joomla graphics

When you use Joomla to create your website or blog, then you can benefit from the design of customizable templates which may be upgraded or added using separate modules, creating custom components, the installation of images or graphics, and maintaining different types of portals based on the Joomla platform. You are likely to find a number of quality providers when you search properly who are capable of offering effective and quality Joomla development services.

It is best if you always choose specialized professionals who are capable and have a huge role to play in the management of web modules, creation of SEO friendly URLs and temple integration. All of these operations are vital in helping your web page achieve a higher rank in the search engines. Apart from this, it is important for development teams to be aware of all the latest technological changes. The newer web developments need to be taken into account every day and it is clearly for the development team to keep this in mind and update these changes so that your Joomla website stays updated properly.

Some of the ways in which Joomla benefits your website and your ongoing projects are the relatively lower prices and the minimal maintenance fees, the automated customer services, the highly improved security for PHP applications, the online content management systems and the system auditing properties, all of which are compatible with differing OS, improved business logic and risk management. The designs that the Joomla experts create for your website are ideal for both largescale corporate players and minor business owner. The main reason why you should choose experts for Joomla templates development is the enhancement of your own business, which may be personal or offline. The newest version of Joomla allows developers to make a great deal of difference to your corporate identity.